Weather in the Cheticamp Area

This area, because of its position on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, enjoys a maritime climate. The winters are comparatively mild and summers rather balmy. The past few summers, for instance have seen daytime temperatures ranging from 17C to 32C (64 to 94 farenheit)
In Canada we use the Celsius temperature scale rather than Farenheit. To convert the temperature to farenheit, use the equation (temp X 2 + 30).
For example if the current temperature is 22 degrees Celsius it would be:
22 X 2 = 44 + 30 = 74 degrees Farenheit (approximately)

Below is a graph showing the average year round temperatures in degrees Celsius.


sueteOne peculiarity worthy of mention is the regularity and intensity of winds from the south-east known in the area as “suĂȘtes” which may exceed 200 kms/hr. This phenomenon, which is a result of the topography of the land and the temperature of the water, occurs in only two places in the world, in this area and Wreck House, Newfoundland.