However simple might have been our Acadian cuisine , it has become known for its succulence. We must remember that our ancestors were poor folks whose main fare consisted of fresh meat and fish during the summer and salted meat and fish during the winter. The garden contained many vegetables that were relatively easy to keep for at least part of the winter. Meat preparation was quite simple. Since there was usually only one large pot in the house, meat or fish, and vegetables cooked together slowly. Berries, which grew wild in the fields, were consumed by everyone.

The following are examples of some of the Acadian dishes still being served in local restaurants.

Fricot – a kind of soup made with pieces of red meat or chicken which have been fried before adding them to diced potatoes, onions, etc.

Chiard – a kind of stew made up of potatoes, vegetables and sometimes pieces of meat which cook together slowly.

Tchaude – fish or seafood chowder.

Pâté à la viande – meat pie: made up of chicken & pork or beef & pork, cooked slowly together and then placed between two crusts.

Morue en cabane – potatoes and cod cooked together slowly.

Crêpes au râpage – pancakes made from grated potatoes, and cooked by frying.

Croquettes au poisson – fish cakes made with mashed potatoes and fish, and then fried.

Sauce au boudin: blood pudding – made from meat, onions & spices which are cooked together before adding pork blood and then left to cook slowly for some time.

Poutine aux raisins: raisin pudding – contains raisins & spices – placed in a bag and steam-cooked.

Come enjoy these delicious dishes!